My mom is so much like me in some ways

Instead of sticking up together and supporting each other, all we do is disagree, I hate the kind of relationship we have, it was so much before, since last year with the moving out, bills and work, she got so much meaner which is so unfair.

I really want junk food

I am going to visit a friend that works at a fast food restaurant, on her break time where she gets a free meal, so usually I would order a meal as well but now after working out and seeing the bad shape I am in, I am reconsidering.. ;(


Diluere. 2012. mixed media on panel. 90 x 60cm

Got appointments for wisdom teeth extraction :(

Anonymous: But you poop out ya bum. Sounds & smells kinda gross


It would be gross if I wasn’t a clean person?????

Guys pee out of their dick but still want someone to suck on it so wtf

"You must always have gratitude for the way you are. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Love yourself just the way you are. By loving yourself just the way you are, you will transcend those things that have appeared to annoy you, to bother you, to cause you pain. They will all go. You’ll no longer be aware of them. Let go of everything. Have no desires whatsoever. Dive deep within the Self. Do not react to the outside world or to your body. ALL IS WELL."

Loneliness do horrible things

"When a thing disturbs the peace of your heart, give it up."